SPINA-BAC® Burgundy

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SPINA-BAC® can transform any cheap office chair into an ergonomic cloud with the perfect level of lumbar support for any body. Use SPINA-BAC® for Lower Back Pain Relief. This is the ultimate in adjustable lumbar support, and it is ideal for use in the car, plane and office.


Delivery date: 2-3 days

Manufacturer: Spina Medical AB Sweden

SPINA-BAC® Lumbar Support is an alternative for Sciatica or Lumbago Pain Relief.

Soft chairs and poor posture easily leads to back pain and problems. Many of these could be avoided if a little care was taken to assess the posture that is adopted both at home and at work. Some seating provides very poor spinal support, and so Spina Medical AB have designed and developed a range of spinal supports for everyday use in a range of different locations.

One problem with many back supports is that they do not provide enough adjustment so that they can be fitted to an individual. The SPINA-BAC® allows adjustment of the contour that supports the back so that it can be matched to the curves of an individual’s back. This means that it can be effectively used by almost anyone. The construction utilises five steel springs and a method of adjustment that allows for adjustment in both the height of the system and also the depth of the contours.

The system is also rigid and so it can provide support for the back on any type of seating from soft settees to rigid office chairs. This allows you to maintain good posture whilst also being relaxed in your seat. The Spina-Bac can also be used effectively at other orientations, for example when lying down, or perhaps when in a reclining position on a plane.

The SPINA-BAC® itself is lightweight and of a moderate size, which makes it ideal for transporting with you so that you can use it when you are at home, in the car or at the office.

The natural back posture is S-shaped.

It is important to maintain the S-shape when sitting to avoid increased disc pressure that can cause fatigue, neck- and backpain, lumbago or sciatica. Don´t slouch or sit sway-backed. Have your back well supported.

Get Effective Spine Support From SPINA-BAC® Ergonomic Back Cushion (a product of Spina Medical AB).

Use SPINA-BAC® for Lower Back Pain Relief.  This is the ultimate in adjustable lumbar support, and it is ideal for use in the car, plane and office.

Color Burgundy
Weight 1 Kg
Size 30 x 42 cm