Ergonomic Back Cushion

Ergonomic Back Cushion

Adjustable to your own back

While back pain is something you share with millions of others, the exact shape of your back and spine is individual to you- almost as individual as your fingerprints. The lumbar region of your back is the area most in need of firm support and varies in height from person to person through a 15 cms range. The depth of the “S“ curve also varies between 2-4 cms. features a patented adjustment mechanism which accomodates these height- and depth ranges and together with the special steel springs make it easy for you to adjust it to your personal contours.


SPINA-BAC® Ergonomic Back Cushion is an excellent support for both healthy and tired or sore backs and can easily be adjusted to everyone´s needs. It is also very easy to carry around and can be used anywhere. is very useful when travelling by car, sitting in a conference or at home watching TV.

Gerda Huld Mattson, Physiotherapist

• Slim, elegant and attractive, SPINA-BAC®´s unique patented adjustment mechanism and special steel springs adjust in height and depth to the contours of your back.

• The rigid baseplate maintains the “S“ curve of your spine in all positions.

• The special steel springs and polyurethane foam padding combine with the soft fabric cover to provide superb comfort.

• The attractive high quality and hard wearing soft fabric cover is available in: blue, anthracit grey, burgundy or beige.

• A special version with velcro straps is available for attachment to chair backs i.e. on wheelchairs etc.

• Developed, designed and manufactured in Sweden to the highest possible standards. SPINA-BAC® is patented in all major countries.