The benefits of lumbar cushions

Specialists recommend using all precautions when preserving the health of people. That means taking into account work habits in any space, including an office. In fact, there are many hours that professionals spend in these spaces, mainly sitting on their desks.

The first physiotherapist to do a study on the subject was the New Zealander Robin McKenzie and his method for maintaining the back maintaining a correct position and a series of simple stretches that can be done by oneself.

The period of time in which the muscles remain inactive is especially harmful to health, and can have dire consequences in the long term. That is why it is necessary and important to use accessories that provide comfort while you are working.

These objects include lumbar cushions , which are much more effective than standard chairs when promoting a neutral posture and improving the comfort measure of workers. Thus, in a recent study led by Diane E. Grondin in which the effects of this utensil were measured, arriving at the conclusion that the comfort that was obtained was remarkable in comparison to its the user did not use it.

The main indicator of the benefits of this type of cushion was the change in the lumbar position carried out by the worker. In particular, the support with the lumbar support was much closer to the neutral position than the standard chair. The measurement of the pressure points improved significantly. However, the subjective changes in comfort were not remarkable.

Finally, it should be noted that the conclusions of this study seem to indicate that a lumbar support of this type objectively improves the lumbar position, and with it the distribution of pressure on the intervertebral disc and the musculoskeletal structures involved.

This improvement occurs both in healthy subjects and in those with low back pain, so in the field of the office are configured as a more than adequate support to improve the health of workers.

But in addition to the use of physical measures and cushions to help us, the ideal is to combine them with a series of simple lumbar stretches, this combination is the right and ideal.

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