Sitting without backpain with Spinabac!

Spina-Bac has a rigid base plate, 5 special steel springs and an adjustment mechanism that adjusts in height and depth to the contours of your back.

High quality polyether padding and elegant fabric cover in 4 different colours give excellent comfort and durability. Ergonomic design, firmness and adjustability enables you to sit safe and well supported, wherever you sit.

Spina-Bac has been developed to retain the natural S-shape of the spine during sitting.

The practical backrest has a robust and solid design, so that it easily supports the weight of the entire upper body.

The Spina-Bac cushion can be individually and easily adapted to the needs of your back. Choose the most comfortable sitting angle and adjust the cushion. This allows you to virtually optimize each seat and to keep the S-shape of your spine.

The Spina-Bac cushions are equipped with a regulator with notches that allow you to adjust the height and depth of the back support with 6 different settings.

Thanks to this built-in regulating mechanism, you can easily and quickly adjust the desired support spots on your back. Every spine is different. The characteristic of the S-shape varies from 2 to 4 cm. This individual shape can only be retained with the help of a support cushion like the Spina-Bac cushion that offers various possibilities of adaptation.

Spina-Bac backsupport, internationally recognized since 30 years, designed by Swedish orthopedic experts for relief and prevention of backpain when sitting.

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