How does SPINA-BAC® work?

Don´t Slouch

In it's natural position the spine is slightly "S" shaped, which allows it to balance the upper body efficiently and with minimal effort.

It is essential to maintain this natural "S" shape when sitting to avoid excessive loading on the vertebrae that can cause pain and fatigue in the back and tension in the shoulders.
SPINA-BAC® lumbar support has been specifically designed to be strong enough to maintain this "S" shape even with the full force of the upper body leaning back on it.

Always avoid sitting in a slouched position because the loads on the vertebrae and muscles in the back will be dramatically increased.

Always use a firm support for the back and recline backwards maintaining a natural "S" shape whenever you can. This will protect your back, shoulders and neck from fatigue and pain.

Spinabac lower back support in action

Recline Backwards...

It is the healthiest position.

Medical studies show that reclining backwards at an angle of between 110-130 degrees is the most relaxing position for the back.

Studies made by NASA have also shown that in zero gravity conditions the body naturally adopts the position of least stress at an inclination of approx. 125 degrees between the upper body and the legs.

SPINA-BAC® support will easily convert your chair to this natural "healthy" position.

Back pain relief with Spinabac

Let SPINA-BAC take the load

With SPINA-BAC® you can always sit upright or at an angle of your choice while maintaining perfect support for your back and making every chair a chair tailor made for you.

Spinabac perfect support for your back