Portable Lumbar Back support

SPINA-BAC® Lumbar support

Your help against Backache and to Prevent Lumbago when sitting.

A non-restricted, personalized back support for a better back posture.
Time to say goodbye to Lower Back Pain!


Spina-Bac Ergonomic Back Cushion was developed in Sweden in cooperation with the most experienced professionals treating back discomfort. This is the official SPINA-BAC® website for US.

It has made success around the world as a very effective device to prevent and avoid back discomfort.

People who use it are very pleased with the relief that it gives them, and the professionals praise Spina-Bac. Back injury and back pain can and must be prevented.

Spina-Bac® Lower Back Pain Support features a patented adjustment mechanism which accommodates to your height and depth of the "S" curve of your back, and together with the special steel springs make it easy for you to adjust it to your personal contours.
This is the ultimate in lumbar back support, and it is ideal for use in the car, plane and office chair.


The aid for Spinal and Back Problems is SPINA-BAC® Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain - Ergonomic Back Cushion.



- Maintains the "S" shape of your spine, even with full force of upper body
- Can be inclined against a chair-back to support the spine in any position
- Does not slip or glide on sleek / smooth surfaces
- Can be used lying down to stretch and relax the back
- Adjusts in six different positions
- Steel springs and poly foam padding



The contour supporting the back is easily adjustable to suit individual back curves.


The design of this cushion provides perfect support to the back, even when angled against the back of a chair, making it possible to sit relaxed in any position from upright to lying down.


The low weight and moderate size allows for easy use everywhere, at home, at work, in the car or when traveling etc.

SPINA-BAC®'s unique patented adjustment mechanism and special steel springs adjust in height and depth to the contours of you back to keep your "S" curve.

This ergonomic back cuchion is very useful when traveling by car, airplane or train to give yourself the proper lumbar support for your spine.

A long trip will no longer be painful while using SPINA-BAC® for support.

It has a rigid base plate, 5 special steel springs and an adjustment mechanism that adjusts in height and depth to the contours of your back. High quality polyether padding and elegant fabric cover provides excellent comfort and durability. Ergonomic design, firmness and adjustability enables you to sit safe and well supported, wherever you sit.

Use and benefits of Lumbar Cushions

The Lumbar Cushions are located in the intermediate area of ​​the back and require the wearer to adopt a correct posture in any type of seat, thus assuming a preventive element against lumbar injuries.

SPINA-BAC® Ergonomic Back Cushion is available in 4 colors: Anthracite Grey, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy & Tan.

Get it now for $129.95 Shipping Included (for US only) - For other countries please click here

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