Office Chair Back Support

For people who work in an office setting, sitting in an office chair without adequate back support can create stress on the lower back.

This is because in the seated position, the lumbosacral discs are loaded three times more than standing, and sitting without back support usually leads to poor posture, which stresses the soft tissues and joints in the spine. For many people, sitting in an office chair either causes or exacerbates lower back pain.

The lower portion of the spine, just above the buttocks, naturally curves inward toward the belly.

A lumbar back support helps promote good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

Office chair back support

SPINA-BAC® is the simple way to make sure that one's office chair provides the right support for the back and neck.

This portable lumbar back supports is shaped specifically so that one end should be positioned up and the other down.

This lumbar back support should provide the following benefits :

- Ears, shoulders, and pelvis (hips) are kept in alignment

- Natural inward curvature of the lower spine is maintained

It is important that the back be flush, because this is what provides the support for the lower back.

Overall, the lumbar back support should keep the spine in a very natural position. It should not overly accentuate the inward curve, nor should it feel unsupported.

Adjustable back support for chair : The seatback should be positioned so that the curve of the lower spine is supported by the curve in the back of the chair. If more than one person will use the chair, then this level of adjustment may be a good option.

Portable lumbar back support : Spina-Bac fitted to the seat back of an office chair, can be manually placed to fit the proper areas of the lumbar region. It can be used in conjunction with most types of chairs to best fit the individual's need and may be transferred to the office chair, to use in chairs at home, in the car, etc.


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