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When you’re pregnant your body is changing fast in a very short time. Especially the back receives an increased load when the belly is growing and the pelvis gets less stable. Spina-Bac was very helpful in creating a comfortable position in front of the computer at work during my whole pregnancy.
A new-born child eats frequently and for long durations and it is common that you breast fed more than eight hours a day in the beginning. Spina-Bac helped me find good positions when breast feeding and thereby I avoided tense muscles and pain in my neck and back. - Sara B., Sweden

Spina-Bac has changed my life – now I can sit everywhere without an aching back.
I take my Spina-Bac with me everywhere.

Spina-Bac makes every chair perfect to sit in, even my soft couch.

With Spina-Bac I enjoy driving my car for hours without getting tired in my back.

My Spina-Bac makes it possible to sit and read in bed without getting back-pain.

It is so nice to sit down, lean back and relax with my Spina-Bac.

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