I received your SPINA-BAC® just in time to take it with me for my trip. Many thanks for sending it to me in Paris so quickly. It is just marvelous and it will change my trip and my life!

Angélica de Robien

SPINA-BAC® is an excellent support for both healthy and tired or sore backs and can easily be adjusted to everyone's needs. It is also very easy to carry around and can be used anywhere.
SPINA-BAC® is very useful when travelling by car, sitting in a conference or at home watching TV.

Gerda Huld Mattson. Physiotherapist

Prior to 1980 my lower back gave out and I went to the Plano Back Institute: to get it fixed -fixing included a lot of special exercises in and out of the pool- and at the end a prescription for a SPINA-BAC® to use in my car, at the office, in church, etc.
I have used one almost every day since and given them to other back sufferers who agree with me that they are a unique and effective tool.

Ray L. Pollock

I just started using my new back support from SPINA-BAC® and I LOVE IT! My back immediately felt better once I had support to lean back in my chair, which I sit in for hours at a time. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for any office personnel or person who works on their home computer for many hours...and it is easily portable too...it is a GOD SEND!

I can't wait to share this wonderful news about SPINA-BAC® with my friends, some of which have back problems too. Thank you so very much!

Lauren Roberts

SPINA-BAC® is the best back support I have found during 36 years as a physiotherapist. It lifts the back and supports the normal shape of the spine. It helps you to get a normal, healthy position for the back and to relieve back pain and other back problems. It is easy to adjust the swayback to suit anyone. You can use it wherever you want to sit: in a chair, in a car, on a bus, train or plane, in the theatre and when you lay back to relax on a couch or in bed and so on. I have two SPINA-BACs® myself and I use them daily. You easily get attached to them. The excellent quality guaranties you a good back support for many years.

Jill Anderberg